So You Want To Do Business with a Blind Vendor?

Most places of employment have some sort of food service on-site for their employees.  It may be as simple as a few vending machines or as complex as a full-scale cafeteria.  Regardless of what type of service you want to offer your employees, why not consider having a blind entrepreneur provide them for you? Why consider a blind entrepreneur?  You will get:

  • A Relationship with the Business Owner Instead of Some Corporation
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Modern Equipment
  • Customized Service
  • Installation at No Cost to You
  • Management Support From the State Licensing Agency


Blind Venors Image 

The vending industry has changed so much in recent years.  Customers who want their comfort foods can still get their candy bar or soft drink.  But so much more is available today through vending machines.  Full meals can be made available or just a quick snack.  Many companies want to ensure their employees have access to healthier options.  Our organization has encouraged blind entrepreneurs to ensure that a certain percentage of their products meet Fit Pick guidelines.  Fit Pick is a national standard developed by the National Automated Merchandising Association.  So, whether you want traditional snacks, healthy snacks, or full meals, a blind entrepreneur may be able to provide these through vending machines.


Cafeteria/Snackbar Image.

If there are enough employees to support it, an on-site food prep facility may be an option.  Blind entrepreneurs operate sophisticated food services all over the country including feeding our troops at many military installations.  The old fashioned cafeteria has almost become obsolete.  However, there are locations where they still work.  But even if a cafeteria will not work, a snack bar might.  Let the State Licensing Agency take a look at your location and determine what type of on-site food service might be successful.

MICROMARKETS Micromarkets are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace.  A micromarket is a self-serviceMicro Market Image.

operation where the customer picks out his product and pays for it at a self-service kiosk.  A greater variety of products can be offered and it never has to close so your employees have access to it at any time.  Micromarkets are replacing traditional food service operations in many cases because of the convenience they offer and the savings in labor costs.  Customers have embraced the micromarket concept, which explains the explosion in the popularity of micromarkets.  It may be a perfect fit for your company.

How Does This Program Work?

Snack Bar Image.

This is a government-sponsored program designed to create entrepreneurial opportunities for blind persons.  The state agency that serves people who are blind trains and licenses blind people to manage vending facilities.  The state agency then provides needed equipment and ongoing oversight and support for the blind entrepreneur.  The state agency will monitor the operation to ensure customers are receiving quality services.  That is the simple explanation.  But all you have to worry about is whether or not a quality service can be offered to your employees. WHERE DO I START? If you are interested in seeing if a blind entrepreneur may be a good fit at your workplace, it is very simple.  Click here and complete the form and we will see that someone contacts you.  There is no obligation on your part.  Just let the state agency do a survey to see what one of their blind entrepreneurs might be able to offer.