Day on the Hill, May 21, 2019

NABM Has Successful Day on The Hill.
On May 21st, over 100 blind entrepreneurs ascended onto Capitol Hill to tell their stories to members of Congress. Some were veterans who have been to The Hill many times while it was the first time for others. By any measure, the day was a huge success.

The National Office of the National Federation of the Blind provided the logistical support for the event. NFB staff set over 150 appointments and conducted a fantastic training for all participants.

“It is critical that we have blind people advocating on behalf of blind people,” said NABM President Nicky Gacos. “We can tell our stories better than anyone.” This was NABM’s fourth Day on The Hill in the last 5 years and it won’t be its last.
The issues on which attendees were educating members of Congress were:

  1. The potential threat of rest area Commercialization - View Fact Sheet
  2. The failure of the Department of Education to provide adequate administrative support for Randolph-Sheppard - View Fact Sheet
  3. The VA’s continued refusal to comply with the Randolph-Sheppard Act - View Fact Sheet

The Randolph-Sheppard Program is under attack.  Help us defend it. 

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.