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Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI), a premier service provider established in 1991, began a lifelong relationship with Business Enterprise Programs in support of Randolph Sheppard Act in 1999. We are a team of experts in RSA to assist and empower blind vendors and state agencies to achieve the goals set out by the government.

Our relationship with and support of the RSA have allowed us to establish 29 partnerships in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

Our knowledge and experience in food service contracts provide necessary guidance and direction towards winning business for the state agencies and blind vendors involved.


An innovative, all-in-one payment and business solution for small and mid-sized businesses that pairs beautifully designed countertop hardware with a powerful and adaptable cloud-based software.


At Food Services Inc. of Gainesville, our highly recommended 100-contract success record has made us one of the most qualified firms in the military dining industry. Everything is proudly achieved by mentoring licensed blind vendors to manage each contract exceptionally and independently.