National Association of Blind Merchants, NABM, looks to partner with you. NABM is a nonprofit trade association. We create concessions and vend opportunities for the blind and partners in government buildings under federal and state Randolph-Sheppard statutes. Nicky Gacos, President of NABM, and a vend operator, believes in the possibility of partnership. He works with NAMA and others to build nonprofit through service, “There are imaginative ways to leverage the statutory priority to bring opportunities to vend, OCS, and concession operators.” There are win-win opportunities when blind merchants partner with you.

In the private sector, you might benefit from learning about the National Federation of the Blind Vending Outreach Program.  This is a dynamic opportunity which may be help full line and bulk vend operators secure placement of machines and educate the public about the important services of the National Federation of the Blind.

Learn more at 866-543-6808 x12