The NFBEI is available to provide other services to state licensing agencies and blind entrepreneurs.  This may include:

Program Evaluations – The NFBEI has worked with states in conducting evaluations of their business enterprises programs.  The NFBEI will go in and conduct an on-site program evaluation that looks at every aspect of the Randolph-Sheppard program.  A detailed report of findings with recommendations will be provided at the conclusion of the evaluation process.  Technical assistance and advice will be provided to help implement recommendations.

Strategic Planning – Terry Smith has extensive experience assisting state agencies and Committees of Blind Vendors develop strategic plans for their business enterprises programs.  State may now contract with NABM to help develop a strategic plan.  The plan will include the development of both vision and value statements, an assessment of the program’s strengths and weaknesses, the establishment of priorities, and specific goals with strategies to achieve those goals.

Annual Vendor Meetings – State agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to offer meaningful training for their blind vendors due to lack of resources and bureaucratic barriers that make it difficult or even impossible to enter into contracts with hotels and speakers.   The NFBEI is available to contract with a state agency to conduct its annual blind vendor training.  The NFBEI will assume responsibility for securing and contracting with a venue and planning all content.

Other – The NFBEI is open to contracting with state agencies to provide other services as needed.