These are some of the topics that the NFBEI can present at annual blind vendor training conferences:

Terry Smith, Presenter

Terry Smith

“The Randolph-Sheppard Program: A National Perspective on Current Events”

“With Rights Come Responsibilities:  A Look at the Vendor’s Bill of Rights”

“Ten Characteristics of a Highly Effective BEP”

“Blind Vendors: Real Entrepreneurs or Not?”

“Active Participation: What It Is and What It Isn’t”

“The Best BEP in the Country – Really?”

“A 12 Step Program to a Healthy National Program”

“Building Leadership in the Randolph-Sheppard Community”

“Becoming the Committee Envisioned by the Law”

“The Future of Randolph-Sheppard Through innovation”

“Is Our Real Future in the Private Sector?”

“Running a Successful Micro-market in Randolph-Sheppard”

“Women’s Issues in Randolph-Sheppard”

“Randolph-Sheppard Entrepreneurs Making a Difference” (A Banquet Presentation)

“SSDI – What Randolph-Sheppard Entrepreneurs Need to Know”

“Randolph-Sheppard 101 – A Primer on the Law That Makes It All Possible”

“Randolph-Sheppard: 80 Years of History”

“The Role of the Business Consultant” (Training specifically for staff)

These topics are for illustration purposes only.  Other topics can be customized as needed.

Nicholas P. Gacos

Nicholas P. Gacos