These are some of the topics that the NFBEI can present at annual blind vendor training conferences:

Terry Smith, Presenter

Terry Smith

“A National Update: Issues Impacting Today’s Randolph-Sheppard Program”

“10 Characteristics of a Highly Effective BEP”

“With Rights Come Responsibilities: Examining the Vendor Bill of Rights”

“Randolph-Sheppard Vendors – Real Entrepreneurs or Not?”

“Active Participation: What It Is and What It’s Not”

“A 12 Step Program to a Healthy Randolph-Sheppard Program”

“Randolph-Sheppard 101” (A Good Breakout Session for Blind Entrepreneurs or Staff Training Topic)

“SSDI: What Randolph-Sheppard Vendors Need to Know”

“Becoming the Committee Envisioned by the Law” (A Session for Elected Committees)

“All Politics are Local: How to Work Effectively with Your Elected Officials”

Nicholas P. Gacos

Nicholas P. Gacos

“Leadership: Why It Matters to Randolph-Sheppard”

“Healthy Vending:  Strategies for Success”

“Vocational Rehabilitation and How It Intersects with Randolph-Sheppard”  (Good breakout session or staff training topic)

“Expanding Opportunities: Teaming and Partnering with the Private Sector”

“The Best BEP in the Country – Really?”

“The Role of the Business Consultant”  (Staff Training)

“Randolph-Sheppard Entrepreneurs Making a Difference” (A banquet presentation)

These are just some of the topics the NFBEI can present.  Presentations can be customized as needed.