NABM knows that our blind entrepreneurs face an uncertain future.  We also know that with challenges come opportunities.   Emerging on the other end of this pandemic stronger and more determined than ever requires effective leadership.  We have lined up an impressive line-up of leadership experts: 

Lead 21 Session 1A Look Ahead

Lead 21 Session 2 – PowerPoint presentation: Leadership Lessons from the Godfather: The dynamics of Leaders Power
Session 2 Meeting Zoom Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/c6cOkZ1-Br4TAKul1Zki4KenYGFgYfm5HEzs6NKxj-rCxO1Lm0eBMu-sWBfXgpS9.ROV91KVUtM5GODrA

Lead 21 Session 3 – Meeting Zoom Recording: “Turning Setbacks into Comebacks” by Willie Jolly

Lead 21 Session 4 – PowerPoint presentation: NAMA Presentation
Session 4 Meeting Zoom Recording: Leadership Enrichment and Development